Splurge Vs. Save: Bejeweled Bridal Headbands

Posted by The Broke-Ass Bride on January 11th, 2012
bridal headbands splurge vs save wedding accessories

If you’ve ever been to a bridal salon, you know that bridal accessories get a HUGE mark-up. When you’re standing in front of that 3 way mirror in a dreamy wedding dress, savvy bridal salon assistants will start piling accessories on you like there’s no tomorrow. But be wary of their wiley, upselling ways - these trinkets will cost you A LOT extra, and you won’t even notice til you’re at the register. Instead of splurging right then and there, do your research!

Here are two lovely options for jeweled bridal headbands. One is almost 3X the price of the other.

Can you guess which one? Hint: It’s the one with the bride in it.

Photo credits: Bel Aire rhinestone bridal headband, Tasha Classic bridal headband


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