Always A Blogsmaid: Great Garters!

Posted by Azure on March 5th, 2009
About Always A Blogsmaid

With all the great ways out there to personalize your wedding, it's amazing that for so long, the Garter has been the unsung heroine of wedding festivities! Really, she's a best supporting actress; a scene stealer, if you will. Though brief in appearance, she is immortalized in photos. So why should you settle for something blase?

Julianne Smith saw that need and launched her own line of garters filled with personality! From animal prints to sweet grosgrain details, there is a garter for every body.

If you have a sports fan in your life, look no further than Sew Unique Garters for the Football obsessed (Go Cowboys!), Hockey Obsessed and more

Of course, for those of you looking to splurge on something sexy, Agent Provocateur has an assortment of flirty and fun garters as well!
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