The Man Registry: Is Cubic Zirconia just what the Honeymoon Doctor Ordered?

Posted by Azure on March 25th, 2009
About The Man Registry Him: Honey, will you marry me? Her: Yes, yes, yes… omg this ring is beautiful! Him: I’m glad you like it, oh and by the way, don’t ever take it to a diamond inspector!

Alright guys, let’s think this through. It’s probably not a good idea to slap a fake rock on her engagement band. Even if you can fool her on the day you propose, chances are that your luck will run out someday when she’s getting it cleaned or appraised.

That being said, some of the best advice I can offer you is that if you’re going on a honeymoon to a foreign country or on a cruise – invest in some C.Z. It may sound like a crazy notion, but we’ve heard horror stories of engagement rings being misplaced or lost on the honeymoon. What makes those stories even worse is that the groom hadn’t bought ring insurance yet.

We know guys; the last thing you want to hear about is another piece of jewelry you have to buy. But, by getting a “dummy” ring for the trip – you greatly reduce the potential loss if something horrible were to happen. Consider it a long-term investment as you’re sure to go on many more trips over the years and get plenty more mileage out of your C.Z.

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