Bride Chic: Bridal Fashion Couture Report- New York Spring 2010

Posted by Azure on April 24th, 2009
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2010. I know it sounds pretty futuristic but it's the reality we're looking right at. Actually, New York is showing us designers are time traveling through the 20th century bringing back trends that never made it to the once-upon-a-time bridal scene. We're seeing still more color and interesting textures this season. A stunning collection in optical white, Oscar de la Renta is showing short chic cocktail dresses paired up with gloves and big white pouf cocktail hats reminiscent of mid-1940s film noir. In fact, most of Oscar de la Renta's gowns are accessorized with these festive hybrid hat/headpieces. Even the pantsuit he introduced toward the end of his show had one. Carolina Hererra's pieces this season are enhanced by shots of primary color in the bouquets the models carried and mixing textures in the accessories. The big straw hat covered in dotted Swiss net (where did she get it .. . . very hard to find out here on the coast?) brings an Edwardian-chic element into play. The bowler hats are the clinchers for me though. This is the ultimate touch of wow! amping the chic factor.

Lastly, for me Monique Lhuillier's gowns always have her signature look. Am I imagining this or is she using less lace this time around? Her bodices and skirts are usually shot allover with it. With the exception of a few dresses, she's gone more minimalist for Spring 2010. Still classic, I'd say her gowns are perfect candidates for customizing if you like the basic silhouette and fabric but have your own concept about adding colored sashes, florals, belts, etc.

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