Wedding Day Bling: How Much Is Too Much??

Posted by Azure on June 2nd, 2009
Regardless of how contrived, scripted, or unreal The Hills“reality” show is, I’ll still turn it on from time to time (I’m a total sucker for reality t.v.). I watched The Hills, Season 5 Finale the other night, and was treated to an inside look at Heidi and Spencer’s wedding ceremony.

Heidi’s Monique Lhuillier wedding dress was beyond stunning. However, I felt Heidi went a bit overboard with the bling.

Now, if I had the chance to borrow Neil Lane jewels for my big day, I can’t say I wouldn’t be guilty of the same thing…

Heidi donned a diamond floral necklace with multiple diamond chains layered over it, diamond earrings, diamond hairpins, diamond cuffs and bracelets on each wrist, and a diamond belt. She was dripping in over 350 karats in diamonds! With a wedding dress that was such a work of art in and of itself, one word came to mind. Overkill. What do you think? Blinged to perfection, or too much of a good thing?
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