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Posted by Azure on June 3rd, 2009
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WARNING! Reading this will make you look Outstanding


There are 5 things that you absolutely have to do on your wedding day 1. Show up on time (preferably sober)

2. Bring, and don’t lose, the ring
Black classic tuxedo, black bow tie, white shirt

3. Walk (and stop walking) when told

4. Look better than you ever have in your life

5. Say “I do”

Since this is my first blog for OneWed I felt it only right to focus on the one thing that guys can screw up pretty easily. Walking and talking you’ve been doing for the better part of your life and as far as the ring and your sobriety go….you can be responsible for at least one day. That leaves number 4…

On your wedding day you will likely wear a tuxedo and I can bet you that, if the last time you wore one was for your high school prom, your fiancé does NOT want a repeat performance.

Luckily they don’t make the tuxedo in “powder blue” anymore and there are tons of very smart options for you to select from. Designers from Ralph Lauren to D&G to J. Crew offer everything from the classic..... To the avant garde....

With so many options out there, it begs the question: “how do I know what to look for when buying* my tuxedo?” *Note: Yes, I said “buying” because getting married to the women of your dreams in the same tux that some kid lost his virginity in is just plain unacceptable

Buying one is simple as long as you follow a few simple rules: 1. The Jacket- Buy a 1 or 2 button coat with a peak lapel - Many men think the notch is the standard but the peak lapel is actually the classic style for a formal jacket. 2. The Pant- The trousers should have a flat, banded waist - No belt loops please and make sure that the waist on the pant is plain or flat front – ABSOLUTELY NO PLEATS!! They don’t give you more room they make you look like you need more room. The waist band, like the piping down the leg of the pant should be satin 3. The Shirt- Buy a well made oxford cloth shirt - Buy yourself a white "wing collar" tuxedo shirt and, when you tie the bow tie, make sure the flaps on the collar are tucked BEHIND the tie vs. peaking over the top (this is a classic mistake) 4. The Tie- Learn how to tie a bow tie - Here's how. Clip on ties are for children and Applebee's waitresses and since you have pubic hair and don't work at a place that makes you wear "flair" on a red cotton vest, you don't qualify. 5. The Fit - Don't talk...listen to your tailor - Take the tux to a reputable tailor and let him/her work their magic. NO it's not too tight! It's a tuxedo, you're not going to do cartwheels in it (well you might…but that’s only during the wedding night).

The waist of the jacket should taper, the pant should have a very slight break at your shoe and a quarter inch of the shirt cuff should show with your hands at your side.

Do it right and while everyone else is looking at her... she might just be looking at you. Make it an Outstanding Day!

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avant garde tuxedo on runway, all black

Black classic tuxedo, black bow tie, white shirt

White oxford clothe formal shirt with wing collar and silver buttons

White classic button-up formal shirt and black bow tie

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