The Man Registry: Invest in Engagement Ring Insurance

Posted by Azure on June 24th, 2009
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If you’ve recently ponied up for an engagement ring, then you know the stress that goes along with making such a high dollar investment. Whether you went with the traditional “two months” salary or something more in a realistic price range, you’ve made a substantial investment and you should take the steps to protect her new finger candy.

Most jewelers or engagement ring websites offer insurance through their store or can point you in the right direction. For example, our friends at WhiteFlash.comoffer tips right on their website.

Here are five quick tips! 1. Research cost - Just like you compared pricing for rings, do the same for insurance. There are deals to be had. 2. Appraise– Either get an appraisal from a jeweler. Oftentimes, the ring insurance company can provide one as well. 3. Coverage– Determine if your ring is being covered for the purchase cost or replacement cost. 4. Traveling?– Check with your insurance company if you’re going to be liable for damage or loss that occurs while on vacation. You may have to purchase separate traveler’s insurance in some cases. 5. Review details– Make yourself as familiar as possible with the policy info. Things to think about are who repairs the ring in case of damage, how much is paid upfront if you have to repair or replace, and who specifically will do the repairs.

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