Our Platinum Proposal Winner Has Been Selected!  Drum Roll Please….

Posted by Azure on July 20th, 2009
Our POP Your Platinum Proposal contest has come to an end, and the oh-so-lucky winner of the gorgeous Kirk Kara platinum wedding bands is...
OneWed loves Kirk Kara and Platinum Guild International, and all of our amazing Savvy Scoopers!

kristensoto! Here is how Kristen would have popped a platinum proposal to her man: I will begin with a day of sun by the pool with just the two of us, followed by a steak dinner for me and him… at the very finest restaurant. I will be wearing a nice flowing black dress with heels and have him dressed to the T as well. I will have the platinum Kirk Kara rings given to us at the end of the dinner date...having my 2 children sneak into the restaurant in their finest wear... and them to bring our dessert to us at our table with rings in hand...with their excitement, as well as mine and his, it would be my happiest day ever... and it is to be all about the bride… right!

How romantic! We received so many fabulous submissions, and just had to share some of our favorites! We'll continue to spotlight some of the standout entries throughout the week. A touching, symbolic proposal byampadre: Last year for our fourth anniversary, I was struggling to think of a gift for my boyfriend, Adam. After some research I came upon a local organization that plants trees in communities throughout the city. This organization had a program where you could make a donation for a commemorative tree and then go and plant the tree. I loved this idea since it could symbolize our growing love, something we knew would take nourishment through the years to keep healthy and thriving.

We showed up on a rainy morning in November and planted our commemorative tree, a beautiful yellowwood that’s expected to live for decades. We take walks a few times a month to see the tree and are constantly amazed at how much it has grown. It has truly become a symbol of our love.

I would propose during one of our visits to our tree. I’d tell Adam that just like our tree, which we put so much care into planting, I want to spend the rest of our lives together, putting that same care into our marriage. Hopefully through the years we’ll be able to watch our tree grow as we grow old together.
A fun, flirty proposal bykerrigugs: My boyfriend is a salesman at an Infinity car dealership. One of his best friends is the manager, and the guys he works with are very cool. So I would speak to his manager before the proposal to make sure everything goes as planned. The dealership closes at 6 on Friday evenings. On a Friday evening when he is getting ready to leave, I would have a sexy, good-looking, classy stripper pose as a potential customer then hand him a beer and tell him to relax and enjoy. She would get him seated at his desk and perform. Then she would hand him a note that reads as follows: "I hope you enjoyed because Kerri would like to put an end to your bachelor days if you will accept her proposal." I'm pretty confident of his response so I would pull up in a chauffer-driven limo, and I'd hand him an airline ticket to Fiji, which is one of our proposed destination wedding spots. His bag would already be packed! A poetic proposal bydryan33: Savvy Scoop

Here we go

My proposal

To woo my beau

Will be a surprise

But not to me

'Cuz I'll pop the question

For all to see

We'll start with dinner

Romantic, of course

High atop Las Vegas

On a 160 foot horse

Enjoying the Sky Table

With 22 folks

Sky Chefs prepared

Real big artichokes!

Elegant dining over

We limo to the Luxor

Chriss Angel's on stage

My fave magical huckster

Chriss will call up my beau

To perform his next trick

He'll take Mark's personal item

And hide it real slick

Then out come some nuts

My beau cracks the first

And inside a wedding ring

My heart may just burst!

Then I'll come up on stage

To propose to my man

The crowd will go wild

Like a Savvy Scoop fan!

The sky will part

A dove slowly descends

Thank you God

As my single life ends!
And a cheeky, comedic proposal submitted by Kag07812: When I first met Sam he was a dental student, and I had whoops…8 cavities. I was a physical therapy student, and he had a broken leg. The first time we locked eyes, he was eating sardines, and I thought…finally now that is a MAN! Haha, most would see those comments as disgusting, but our relationship has always been based on the simplicity of love. We’ve spent the last 8 years of our lives spending our money on a private education to help others, which meant often we didn’t have much to spend on each other. Yet you couldn’t find two more in love. If I had the chance to propose, before that fellow surprised me himself, I would have a ring in a sardine can. Of course nothing glamorous, that all would be found in our faces. I would simply only have to remind him because he would have already known, how lucky we are to have each other, our health to share each moment together. It would have been just another perfect moment. Its all perfect when you have the purest of love, even when that love comes in sardine cans.

And there are many more fabulous platinum proposal ideas to come! Thanks to all of our wonderful Savvy Scoop readers for participating. And many thanks to Platinum Guild International and PGI jewelry designer Kirk Kara for providing the stunning wedding bands for this contest!
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