Buy The Dress, Get The Rest!

Posted by Azure on July 29th, 2009
A novel concept for a brick and morter store!

I went into 2 Sisters Boutique in Chicago last Thursday, looking (last-minute) for a cute dress to wear out to a dinner date I had that night. 2 Sisters has a very edited selection of boutique-quality jeans, tops, dresses, jewelry and shoes... all for under $100!

The last dress I tried on was adorable, so I was sold! Since I was in such a rush, I began looking for jewelry to complete the look. Imagine my surprise when the owner (one half of the 2 sisters) told me that I could borrow their accessories- for FREE! She said, "You buy the dress, you get the rest!" I was blown away! And, the accessories in their "borrow" section are gorgeous! I chose a beautiful gold and rhinestone bracelet ($140 value) and a pair of gold and black chandelier earrings ($40 value). And as long as you return the borrowed jewels within five days, you don't pay a dime. You know how much I paid for my dress?? Only $40!

While many of you aren't in Chicago, so can't take advantage of this fabulous program, spread the word to the boutiques in your area! I think this is just such an amazing concept, and because of it, 2 Sisters will keep me coming back again and again. What do you think of this idea? And do you know of any other boutiques (outside of Chicago) that offer this?
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