A Great Inexpensive Site for Bridesmaid Dresses, Accessories, and More!

Posted by Azure on August 17th, 2009
I recently discovered LuLu's, an online shopping site featuring emerging new designers and pieces from around the world, all of which are affordable for the average gal!

I poked around a bit, and found some adorable dresses, shoes, and hair accessories that would be perfect for your bridesmaids! With dresses for under $50, shoes under $40, and hair accessories under $15, your 'maids would be delighted to pony up a little cash for these cute items.

And if these finds are too casual for the vibe you're trying to achieve at your wedding, pick up some items for your honeymoon, bachelorette party, or just for everyday wear! Your wallet (and hubby-to-be) will be very happy you did! Photo 1~ L:Little Dancer Dress in Black, only $34 R:Oh-So Sincere Dress, only $45 Photo 2~ L:Lady in Red Dress, only $35 R:Wendy Darling Dress in Navy Sateen, only $55 Photo 3~ From L to R:Peacock Feather Hair Clip ($9), Fallen Leaf Headband ($15), Pink Duchess Peggy Grey Ruffle T Platform Heel ($39.50)
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