It’s A Jaime Thing: ...What If You Mixed It Up For Your Wedding?

Posted by Azure on September 1st, 2009
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Some of us know right off the bat what style wedding we want. What happens when you just can't decide, when you don't know what style you are, let alone even want? Why do you have to limit yourself to one, can't you just toy around with them or have them all? YES! Yes. Absolutely. So stop stressing and start having fun already!

Whether you're a traditional bride or a vintage bride, keep in mind that today, the modern bride does whatever she wants. Maybe she mixes things up, planning her day a little funkier or cooler by defining her own wedding style rather than trying to have a wedding style define her!

Who says you can't mix white dishes with cream? Why not mix modern stemware with traditional settings? Wear a short, sexy wedding dress with a long traditional veil? Throw black into white, turn it grey and go crazy with it. Go on! Be a shepherd, not a sheep, as they say! I dare you.

Come on, wouldn't it be more fun to actually do what you want to do, rather than plan around what will impress everyone else? The people that you invite to your wedding should be people who love you and want to celebrate with you your newly wedded happiness. They're not there to see if you can impress them. They're just there to celebrate with you!

Serve barbeque if you want to. Skip the traditional dances if you wish. Maybe turn the bouquet toss into something for all the ladies as luck or leave it out all together! Who cares? Make your own rules. Make your own traditions. Some of the most enjoyable weddings I've been to were ones where the couple tossed the "rules" and made their own.

Looking for more wedding inspiration? Please come visit me at It's A Jaime Thing. Happy planning! Photo Credits: Photo 2~

Left, Chanel '09 via Fabsugar, Vega stemware by Baccarat via, cakes via Celebrate With Tami Brown Photo 3~

Ring designed by Barbara Tipple, dress and shoes from

Short Chanel wedding dress, beautiful modern wine glasses, white, cream, pink black wedding cakes

Stunning wedding ring, short grey bridesmaid dress, camel retro patent leather heels

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