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Posted by Azure on September 3rd, 2009
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The term “bling” is everywhere these days, but it’s nothing more than a slang term referring to flashy or elaborate jewelry. It may seem like an easy task to determine whether a stone has been cut well because it will sparkle, right?

When purchasing diamonds or any precious stones, be wary of low-quality inventory that retailers are trying to pass off as high-quality choices. But don’t worry. is dedicated giving you a true diamond education through our extensive online library. So come on, it’s time to get schooled in bling!

A diamond is just a hunk of stone until it’s been cut, and the cut can make the difference between a “so-so” diamond and one that is truly exquisite. Some retailers will give you a song and dance— complete with props— in an attempt to sell you a lower quality diamond. Don’t be fooled by tricks such as bringing out official-sounding “luminosity detectors” or by a jeweler who cuts more facets into a stone, in an effort to convince you that it reflects more light.

It’s especially important to know the cut and quality of a diamond when you’re choosing a piece of jewelry intended to spotlight a single stone. It’s similarly vital to choose a high-quality diamond for an engagement ring. It will be worn every day, and no matter how good the owner’s intentions are in the beginning, most women will admit that they don’t have theirs cleaned by a professional very often. But a high-quality diamond will sparkle and give off lots of light even with a layer of soapy scum on it.

Among the finest choices is a “hearts & arrows” super ideal cut diamond. The name comes from the shapes reflected from the diamond at different angles. When viewing this type of diamond, eight symmetrical heats and eight radiating arrows appear. These designs come from cutting a stone so precisely that facet reflections overlap, creating kaleidoscope patterns for the viewer.

Any diamond looks pretty good in lots of sunlight. It’s in low-light situations— a candlelight dinner, in a darkened theatre—where hearts & arrows really shines. Rainbow flashes and unmistakable fire is what you’ll see, and you’ll be glad you didn’t settle for anything less.

When it comes to selecting a top-quality diamond— whether it’s a diamond wedding ring or a diamond studs— make sure you’re dealing with an experienced, scrupulous retailer that only sells truly outstanding diamonds. Remember that science and education— not deceptive marketing— is the key to great diamond bling!

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