The Man Registry: 5 Wedding Day Fashion Tips for Grooms

Posted by Azure on September 30th, 2009
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Look your best on your wedding day, Grooms, with these Top 5 Tips!!

Think about it guys, you’re going to be looking at your wedding day photos for the rest of your life (albeit probably not as often as your bride). So, do yourself a favor and put some extra thought into your attire and fashion choices. You’ll be thanking us when you’re seeing those wedding photos for the zillionth time. Make sure that tux fits properly

If you’re renting a tux, you run the risk of getting stuck with a tux that doesn’t fit correctly. Most tux shops are great about getting accurate measurements, but you always want to double check the fit when you pick up the tuxedo. Make sure that the bottom hem covers your rear and you can’t pull open the vents. Your jacket collar should be flat against your neck without any bulges. If you aren’t seeing this, demand a new tux. You don’t have to wear a bow tie

Bowties are traditional and never a bad choice. However, 2009 saw many grooms go back to the straight neck tie. Going this route gives the groom and bride an opportunity to coordinate the tie better with the bridesmaid’s dresses and wedding colors. You can also see if you can pull off wearing a tie featuring your favorite team’s colors. What’s an ascot?

Most men wouldn’t know an ascot from their ass. An ascot is a narrow band that goes around the neck. It features wide pointed wings and looks a little something like this. Why is this important? Ascots are making a comeback in a big way. You might even say that 2010 is going to be the year of the ascot. If you and your bride feel like making a fashion statement with your wedding, you may want to consider the ascot. Shoes

If you’ve ever had to watch an episode of Sex and the City with your bride-to-be, you clearly understand women’s obsession with shoes. Now, this isn’t generally the case with grooms, but hey you want to look good too! The Oxford style shoe is and always has been popular for weddings. The Oxford features heavy leather construction and closed lacing. The Man Registry recommends this shoe for a classy look.

Other than style, the main thing to accomplish when selecting shoes is that they are comfortable. Make sure you have the right size, the lining isn’t scratchy, and that the sole isn’t too hard. Get creative with the boutonniere

As grooms get more and more involved with their wedding planning, the boutonniere has become one area where they can personalize the wedding with their interests. The key to doing this is making sure to preserve a little class (you don’t want to pin a beer on yourself). Take a look at a few examples from our friends at Edyta Styszlo here.

We want to hear from the readers of the Savvy Scoop! What attire tips do you have for grooms? Leave your comment below.

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