Mangagement Rings: Just A Fad, Or Here To Stay?

Posted by Azure on December 1st, 2009
The day your man popped the question is a day that you will remember for the rest of your life. And once that bling'ing ring was on your finger, I'll bet you couldn't wait to show it off! Your new rock excited you (and hopefully still does) because... 1. It was from the love of your life
The Mangagement Ring- just a trend, or here to stay?

2. You could now buy, and pour over, bridal mags without feeling like "that girl" 3. It was a new piece of fabulous jewelry (duh!) 4. And... it was an undeniable sign to other (sometimes creepy) men that you were officially off the market

Like it or not, a new trend in the wedding industry has cropped up, and it's known as... The Mangagement Ring. Simply put, it's an engagement ring for your hubby-to-be.

Some think this is just another money-making ploy by the behemoth jewelery companies. Some think it's a product of modern women exercising their equal rights, and "marking" their men.

So, I wanted to know what our Savvy Scoopers thought about Mangagement Rings! Does your man wear one? Would your man wear one?Thoughts, lovely ladies??
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