The Man Registry: When Is It OK To Take Off Your Wedding Band?

Posted by Azure on January 14th, 2010
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There are three guarantees in life: death, taxes, and men not wanting to spend time in a jewelry shop. The simple truth is that most men are just not wired to enjoy the process of picking out and wearing jewelry (props to the ones that are, you’re life is going to be a lot easier).

Furthermore, when a groom comes to the realization that when he slips that wedding band on, it’s going on FOREVER, it tends to lead to some anxiety. It’s not that the groom doesn’t want to display his love and devotion to his wife– it’s just that it’s jewelry... and he’s wearing it FOREVER.

After the wedding, it’s naturally going to be an adjustment for a guy to always have a ring on his finger (especially if he’s never worn one before). If you grooms out there are like me, you’ll find yourself constantly playing and tinkering with the ring for the first few months. Some guys, however, like to take it a step further by coming up with reasons why he sometimes shouldn’t have to wear the ring...

Some of these reasons have merit behind them, however most are completely bogus. Here are a few examples of when it’s acceptable to take the ring off (and when it’s not). Valid excuse: “I’m going to be in the ocean”Reasonable excuse. If that ring slips off in the ocean, there’s no getting it back. Bogus excuse: “I’m allergic to jewelry”Yes, we know that metal allergies do exist. But they’re very rare. If the groom does have an allergy, make sure to get it checked out and don’t buy a ring that irritates his skin. This is used far more often as a bogus excuse than a valid one. Valid excuse: “It’s a safety issue or a distraction at work”If he works around heavy-duty machinery or works closely with his hands – it’s probably a safe idea to not wear the ring at work. Bogus excuse: “It hurts my golf swing”Survey says: NO! I’m an avid golfer, and never once has my wedding band affected my swing. Sorry, guys. Nice try. Valid Excuse: “I’m doing the dishes, and I don’t want it to fall down the drain” - That dish soap does get pretty slippery. Bogus Excuse: “I’m going to my little bro’s bachelor party, I wanna feel as young as everyone else there”C’mon guys, use your head. TMR Recommendation: Only remove your wedding band under certain circumstances that have been signed off on by your wife. Now guys, you don’t have to listen to me- but if you don’t- you might want to start decorating the dog house because you’re probably going to be spending a lot of time in there. Helpful Links: Engagement Ring Gallery BlueNile Fine Jewelry
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