Wishpot’s Favorite Trendy Wedding Accessories for 2010

Posted by Azure on January 27th, 2010
This month Wishpot brings you our favorite wedding accessory trends for the new year! From retro veils to chunky jewelry, we are loving all of these fun creative ways to make your wedding more fashionable and modern!
Wishpot’s favorite wedding accessories include large necklaces, birdcage veils, and gloves of all co

When it comes to veils, vintage is back with all of its glory! Many brides are sporting the much shorter, face-framing “bird cage veil” which we believe will be all the rage this year. Wearing these with more tight-fitting gowns is the best way to show them off. Pillbox hats have also come back and were seen on many amazing designers’ runways such as Oscar de la Renta. And if a veil is not really your style, then you can wear large stylish feather hair pieces that will add a bit of sophistication to your ensemble. This hair accessory looks great with any gown!

Bridal jewelry will be bolder and chunkier this year, and don’t be surprised to see many brides wearing “bib” and layered necklaces with their gowns. And when it comes to gloves, white is so last season! Black gloves will also be making a comeback. They are a great way to add some finesse to your gown.

Every woman wants to be a fashionista bride! For more ideas on wedding dresses, décor, and more visit www.wishpot.com/weddings!

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