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Posted by Azure on February 10th, 2010
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Last week, I received an email from Erin, a Recycled Bride member who wanted to know where she could find the best heirloom-quality vintage jewelry. Erin's father wants to buy her a special piece of jewelry to wear on her wedding day and then to wear again every year on her anniversary. What a beautiful idea! A gift like this is thoughtful, meaningful, and will be a sweet lifelong reminder of Erin's wedding and her father's love.

The beauty of choosing a vintage or antique piece is that you can find chic, well-made, one-of-a-kind jewelry creations that usually cost less than new jewelry. When you buy from antique jewelry dealers instead of big jewelry conglomerates, you support small businesses. And as always, the greenest choice is to buy something that already exists, rather than helping to increase the demand for newly manufactured goods. That's what makes vintage jewels so very green and stylish! Here's a roundup of my favorite sources for vintaage and antique bridal jewelry: Lang Antiques - Founded in 1969, this San Francisco-based antique jewelry dealer is a longtime favorite of mine. They have the most gorgeous selection of antique baubles from Victorian to Art Deco to Contemporary. Find everything from over-the-top Edwardian jewels to well-priced sapphire and diamond earrings Lang's treasures are sure to become instant family heirlooms. Israel Rose also has a fabulous selection of antique jewels in their online boutique, and their New York City store is home to a huge collection of vintage pieces as well. You'll find antique diamond bracelets and pendants for as little as $300. And if you're feeling like a splurge, check out the gorgeous 9 carat Art Deco ceylon sapphire and diamond ring (pictured) for $15,000. Now that's "something blue"!

There are also several Etsy shops for beautiful vintage jewels. Kimkdep's shop features stunning vintage necklaces and brooches. And Vintage Bella Bride has vintage costume pieces by sought-after designers like Eisenberg, Weiss, Trifari, Juliana, Coro and more.

Last but not least, check out my very own Our Jewelry and Accessories section is chock full of beautiful vintage and preowned jewelry at a fraction of their retail prices. The selection is always changing, and right now it includes cool vintage 1950s rhinestone brooches, several designer vintage bridal necklaces, and a stunning estate necklace made of 10mm peach-colored pearls. You'll get the best discounts on Recycled Bride because you buy directly from our sellers, who don't have to pay a fee for a middleman or pay a commission on their profit. Have you thought about going vintage with your bridal jewelry and accessories? Helpful Links: Green Wedding Ideas Jewelry and Accessories

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