Ask the Experts: How to Create a Unified Wedding Look

Posted by Azure on February 11th, 2010
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This week, a bride writes:

Dear Experts,

It’s always looks a little silly to me when the bridesmaids dresses match the tablecloths, which match the centerpieces, which match the groomsmen’s ties, etc. So, I was thinking I just wouldn’t have “wedding colors.” But, whenever I talk about this with my mom and sisters they insist that if I don’t have “colors” everything will look hodge-podge. What are some ideas for making the wedding look unified and together, without making everything “matchy-match.”



Are you curious to see what our experts suggest? Read their expert answers here. Thanks to Rose of Sharon Event Florist for providing these photos showing one way to unify without looking too matched! Helpful Links Ask the Experts This Week's Column Dessy Color Palette Tool More Centerpiece and Bouquet Ideas
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