Bride Chic: Glam Up Your Bridal Look With Gloves

Posted by Azure on March 12th, 2010
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Brides are enjoying the revival of gloves. So much so they're scouring vintage stores everywhere for real deal 'kid' versions, harder and harder to find these days because they're just not making 'em like they used to. In doing research for this piece, it seems the 20th century was the Golden Age of the Glove. That goes for all lengths, designs and materials. How gloves work with fashion nowadays depends on the look you want to create. You're going to follow some theme or be shown off by a certain silhouette. Say you're going for a sheath style wedding dress. Finding a pair of long opera gloves would really clinch the 1930s-40s movie star look. That's but one example. Switch to short crocheted gloves and the mood is all changed around: you're now the cafe society bride sipping Manhattans.

If we do a track back to the 1920s when daytime socials were all the rage, you'd find unlimited design variation on many a gloved hand. During the 30s, 40s and 50s, gloves stayed 'in the chic' as well as de riguer for most social functions, weddings topping the list. It wasn't till the 1960s hand fashion changed radically, almost overnight and off came the gloves and hats. In some cases the shoes, too.

By 1970 gloves were still worn by little old ladies and whatever debutantes were left in the world. They became optional for brides and guests. As time went on, brides harked back to eras borrowing elements of style- gloves included- because they polished off a look or added that extra something.

Luckily there are no rules anymore about what sort of gloves you have to wear with your wedding dress. You can go with the classic white and ivory or jazz up your look with any length, color, texture, even pattern. Just as some brides are showing some pizazz wearing different color shoes with their gown, glove color is an option you have as well. Go ahead, don't be shy. Wear those green and white polka dots! Helpful Links: Shop Bridal Accessories Lovely bridal shoes&wedding dresses
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