Bubbly Bride: Must Bride-to-Be Mean Long Hair?

Posted by Azure on April 6th, 2010
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I find it interesting that once a woman becomes a bride-to-be, they instantly begin 'growing out their hair'. No matter the current length, long or short, every bride's response seems to be 'I am growing it out for the big day'. Which I am beginning to believe is code for 'I am not going to visit my stylist for a year'. I understand the thought process behind it, in that they want their hair to be long enough to have a fancy up do for the big day. What I do question is if you have had short hair most of your life, and you enjoy your short hair, don't you want to look as much like yourself as possible on the big day?

Most importantly, even if you do choose to grow your hair out please never forget the importance of regular haircuts! It is impertative to keep your hair trimmed especially if you want long locks to have healthy looking hair.

I have seen numerous brides rock their spunky short hairdos on the big day whether it is left down or pinned up! In no way do I think you need to stop cutting your hair for the year! Short hair does not mean a shorter marriage or any less of a romantic streak between you and your husband. Spice your day up with a short sassy hairdo (possibly adorned with a beautiful flower or rhinestone barrette) and let it reflect the you that your husband fell in love with!

I want to hear from all of the brides. Do you feel pressure to grow your hair out? Will you choose to keep it short, or grow it out over your year of planning? Helpful Links: Wedding Hairstyles Bridal Hair Accessories
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