The Man Registry: Look Ma, He Proposed with a Tongue Ring!

Posted by Azure on May 19th, 2010
About The Man Registry

Jewelry designer Johnny Brookheart is offering diamond encrusted engagement tongue rings. Yes... diamond tongue rings. It's part of a new trend called alternative engagement.

Call me a traditionalist, but isn’t this a bit much for the engagement? I’m all for expressing yourself, but is this really the right forum? A huge part of the proposal process is asking her parents’ permission and gaining their trust. It’s going to be hard to look your future father-in-law in the eye after you get done walking him through how you’re going to get down on one knee and slip that diamond ring on her tongue, lip, nose, nipple, etc...

My advice to any guy considering this is as follows: hold off. Buy her a traditional engagement band and consider giving her an alternative ring as a wedding day or honeymoon gift. This will give you the opportunity to be a little more original without sacrificing tradition and/or her parent’s affection.

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