Recycled Bride: Wedding Bands For Your Groom

Posted by Azure on June 14th, 2010
About Recycled Bride A green wedding band is a man's best friend

A wedding ring can symbolize not only your commitment to your partner, but your vow to help create a better, healthier world. So shouldn't you and your man be sporting wedding jewelry that's kind to the Earth and the workers who mine and create your gorgeous jewels?

If you purchase a wedding band without knowing where its materials come from, you could be contributing to one of the most destructive industrial activities on Earth. The mining of precious metals like gold produces toxic byproducts that leach into our waterways, and the mercury and cyanide used in the mining process are toxic to our environment. And gold mining is linked to human rights abuses in many developing countries.

For women, there are tons of vintage and antique rings that are stylish and "recycled". But it's harder to find preowned men's wedding bands in good condition with a modern look. Luckily, there are plenty of jewelers and artisans creating super-cool, affordable, eco-friendlymen's wedding bands. Let's take a peek at a few of my faves... 1. Touch Wood Rings are an environmentally sustainable alternative to precious metals and gemstones. These wooden rings are meticulously hand crafted, durable, and comfortable to wear. Oh, and did I mention that they're incredibly unique and absolutely gorgeous? These rings are for the groom who wants to make an eco-stylish statement. You and your man can design your own Touch Wood Ring (and yes, they have incredible women's styles too!) You'll choose from a huge selection of beautiful wood grains, and end up with one-of-a-kind bands, since the nature of the wood grain means that no two rings are alike. Prices start at around $400. 2. Hammered Silver: created by Jen Burrall in Portland, Maine, this hammered silver ring is handcrafted using recycled sterling silver. The band is 4.5mm wide, and gently oxidized for a matte finish. The design is organic and casually sophisticated. And at only $75.00, this a great eco choice for the budget-minded groom. 3. Brilliant Earth is the industry leader in eco-friendly wedding bling. Their 18K Yellow Gold Comfort Fit wedding band makes an elegant and timeless that's perfect for the suit and tie guy. Made from recycled gold and priced at $450.00, this ring is an eco-classic. And as an added benefit, Brilliant Earth ships all of its rings in a hand-crafted, sustainably harvested Rimu wood keepsake ring box. 4. At New York Wedding Ring, you can actually visit their showroom and make your very own custom wedding band. If you're like me and don't live in NYC, you can order online. For online ordering, I love the facet wedding ring, triangle-shaped facets are hammered by hand into this 8mm wide ring. Almost all (99%) of the gold, platinum, palladium, and silver used is recycled. In addition, they now offer eco-friendly lab-created diamonds. Will you go green for your man's wedding band!? Helpful Links: Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Green Wedding Ideas

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