Find Your Dream Engagement Ring Bling From James Allen!

Posted by Azure on July 20th, 2010
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Today’s brides know what they want, especially when it comes to their engagement ring! Lucky for us, it’s now quite common for brides to have a say in the type of engagement ring rock that their hubby-to-be proposes with. If you’ve been dropping subtle hints, tearing out dream rings from bridal mags and leaving them where your man will find them, or making your best friend or sister do the dirty work for you, we’ve got a fabulous new jewelry designer to inspire you! James Allen is the latest designer to be added to our Engagement Rings style gallery, and his rings are to-die-for!! You’ll find classic solitaire settings, dazzling pave set rings, delicately engraved designs, and everything in between. With 34 unique rings to choose from, your dream ring might be a James Allen stunner!

So head on over to our Engagement Rings gallery and check out the James Allen designs. CAUTION: the overwhelming urge to bust out Lil’ Wayne’s “Bling Bling, Everytime I come around yo city, Bling Bling” lyrics may ensue.

See all Rings by James Allen

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