Bubbly Bride: Four Inch Brides… Heels That Is!

Posted by Azure on August 10th, 2010
About Bubbly Bride

I meet all types of brides, cowgirl boot brides, ballet flat brides, kitten heel brides, and some of my favorite who are the 4 inch brides. I admire the confidence and guts that come with a 4 inch bride. Trust me, I love a sassy pair of heels as much as the next girl, but on my wedding day with everyone looking at me as I walked down the aisle I chickened out and changed into flats for the ceremony.

4 inch bridal heels are an extra obstacle during your wedding ceremony. The only thing that would make your ceremony more interesting is walking in 4 inch heels outside in grass or down an aisle with an aisle runner. I am not saying these two things haven't been done, but they are risky and as I mentioned, only the brave brides dare to chance it. I’ve heard many brides say, ‘I always wear high heels when I go out’, or ‘my fiance is so much taller than me I have to wear heels’. Wearing high heels at a bar for the evening and walking down the aisle in a wedding dress, where you are already nervous and the center of attention, are completely different things, so beware!

If you can’t tear yourself away from the perfect pair of stilettos please practice, practice and practice some more! Walk around the house in your wedding shoes, cook dinner in your shoes and take the trash out in your wedding shoes (but PLEASE do not get them dirty... so maybe don’t actually take out the trash...). The point is I want you so comfortable in your chosen shoes that they are second nature to you. Next make sure to alter your dress accordingly. Bring your shoes in for your fitting and make sure your seamstress is aware of your heel height in your dress. Finally, strut your stuff! Sassy shoes are meant to be seen, not hidden under a wedding dress all evening. Make sure your wedding photographer takes some time to take photos of just your shoes - or lift your dress up enough so that when you walk your shoes peek out to show them off.

Make sure to have a back up plan, no matter how much you prepare you can never plan for blisters, sore feet or broken heels! Have flip flops or flats ready for the ceremony if those 4 inch-ers aren’t conducive to dancing.

So lovely brides... What type of shoe are you? Will you be strutting your stuff down the white aisle in a pair of sky high heels?

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