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Posted by Azure on August 30th, 2010
About Recycled Bride - Eco-friendly flowers and fun bouquet ideas for green brides -

True or false: Flowers are eco-friendly because they come from the Earth. The answer is... False! There are some ugly facts surrounding beautiful floral bridal bouquets. Conventional methods of growing and transporting cut flowers take an environmental toll in terms of pesticides, working conditions and carbon emissions. The best way to go eco on your wedding day is to avoid conventional cut flowers entirely. So how can you do that while still carrying a gorgeous bouquet down the aisle? Here are some ideas: 1. Find an eco-friendly florist who uses ethically grown flowers, like Wisteria Lane Flower Shop in Los Angeles. Look for florists who are VeriFlora certified to ensure that flowers and plants have been produced in a manner that emphasizes environmental performance, social responsibility, and product quality. 2.PrarieSeed's Etsy shop is filled with lovely wedding accessories handmade from vintage pieces. Their bouquets are custom sewn from bits of vintage and antique fabric that coordinate with your wedding day look. You can keep the bouquet as an heirloom piece to remind you of your special day. 3.Fantasy Florals make popular brooch bouquets from repurposed vintage brooches and pins that sparkle and shine as much as you. Another great idea for a keepsake, or home decor, that you can enjoy forever. 4.Do it yourself, inspired by this DIYpaper and fabric flower bouquet from Martha Stewart. These flowers can be made from recycled paper and found fabrics, turning your green bouquet into an affordable, eco-chic arrangement. Will you go green with your wedding flowers? Let us know in the comment section below!

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