Green Wedding Ideas from Recycled Bride: Wooden Wedding Bands

Posted by Azure on October 11th, 2010
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An affordable and eco-friendly alternative to precious metals, wooden wedding bands are chic, stylish and unique. There are a surprising variety of colors and styles available, and these inspired craftspeople makes some of the best wood rings around: 1.Touch Wood Rings are made in a solar-powered home studio that's off the power grid in British Columbia, Canada. Nicola and David Finch handcraft each ring to your specifications, using wood from fallen trees on their 50 acre ranch, or surplus and scrap woods sent to them from other parts of the world. Stylish rings in woods from Grayed Maple to Australian Blackwood have all the variety and beauty of precious metals, without the environmental load. 2. MNM Woodworks, an Etsy shop, is run by young couple Matt and Molli from Tennessee. Matt's grandfather got him interested in woodworking when he was just nine years old, and he has been creating things from wood for over 14 years. Molli helps with the designing of some items, and all rings are made using a "bent wood" technique that creates superior strength and durability. Styles made with crushed stones and turquoise add a bit of bling to the classic wooden rings. 3.Hawaiian Koa Wood Rings are made on the Big Island of Hawaii from exotic native Koa wood and titanium, one of the world's most environmentally friendly metals. Titanium is 7% stronger and 30% lighter than platinum, and its total biocompatibility makes it less harmful to the environment. And at just $240-$350 each, these are wedding bands that are kind to your wallet and the Earth. 4. Etsy's Jewelry by Johan makes custom engraved rings from a variety of exotic woods and alternative metals. A gorgeous $167 green ring made of Box Elder Burl is perfect for men and women. Johan's woods are salvaged from a variety of Earth-friendly sources. Would you wear a wood wedding band? Tell us why or why not in the comments below!

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