2011 Wedding Color Trends, Are They Here?

Posted by Azure on October 13th, 2010
Here in Chicago, Fall has just arrived, but in the design world, it's already 2011.

Pantone and Benjamin Moore both recently released their hot colors for 2011. Now, none of these color palettes are specifically for weddings, but what do you think? Would you adopt any of these for your wedding?
Are your 2011 wedding colors in this palette from Pantone

Pantone Colors 2011

Personally, I love the appropriately named "Farm" palette for an outdoor wedding, and the similar, but more vibrant "Spice" color palette for an urban wedding.

Which one is your favorite?

Is the Farm color palette a good fit for your 2011 outdoor wedding

Benjamin Moore's Farm Color Palette
Reds, blues, and yellows make up this stark 2011 color palette.

Benjamin Moore's Order Color Palette
Hot pink, light purple, green make for great 2011 wedding colors.

Benjamin Moore's Dream Color Palette
The spice color palette from Benjamin Moore is perfect for a 2011 wedding palette.

Benjamin Moore's Spice Color Palette
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