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Posted by Azure on December 13th, 2010
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Engagement season is here! More than 25% of all engagements happen between Thanksgiving and New Year's, and December is the most popular month for diamond ring sales.

Last week, I had a great time talking to NBC News in Los Angeles about "The New Rules of Engagement Rings" because this year, the old rules are out the window! Couples are looking for affordable, ethical engagement rings that they can feel good about wearing. Read about five of my favorite rings below, and check out the video from NBC here! 1. Engagement rings made with sapphires and other precious gems, like the ring Prince Wills gave to Kate Middleton, are super hot right now. This one comes from ethical jeweler Brilliant Earth, and features an ethically sourced 1 carat Sri Lankan sapphire and Canadian diamonds on the side, is set in recycled 18k white gold. The price? Just $2,800! 2.Vintage and antique rings can be more affordable and unique than newly manufactured rings, and they don't use any new resources to be created. For an amazing selection of unique vintage and antique engagement rings under $5,000, check out Platt Boutique Jewelers in Hollywood, California. 3. MiaDonna & Company's "Crimson" ring features a 2 carat diamond-infused simulant stone set in recycled white gold. MiaDonna's lab-created diamonds are just gorgeous and look like Earth-mined stones to the naked eye, yet they cost just 3% of the price of Earth-mined diamonds. The side stones are ethically mined natural diamonds, and this ring is a knockout at just $1517. 4. What could be more green -- or more unique -- than the "Love Is Now" $450 wood ring from Simply Wood Rings? It features a walnut and maple wood band with a moissanite center stone. Moissanite is a fabulous diamond simulant, similar to cubic zirconia but with much more brilliance and fire. 5. The biggest steal here is the absolutely lovely "Water Lily" engagement ring sold by Turtle Love Committee, a company that sources and sells socially responsible jewelry. It's handmade of sterling silver with a tiny conflict-free diamond in the center, and costs just $200! That will leave plenty of money for a fabulous wedding and honeymoon! Do you know of any other affordable, ethically sourced engagement rings? Tell us all about them in the comments below!!

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