British Bridal Trends- from Corset Wedding Dresses to Dramatic Bridal Fascinators

Posted by Azure on January 7th, 2011
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Is there such a thing? That is, trends in bridal fashion coming out of Britain exclusively? Well, if you've been watching this market for as long as I have you'd say, absolutely. First of all I began designing way back before Princess Diana was even engaged to Charles. I was a bridal fabrics buyer in 1981 and ate up the European publications like chocolate whenever I could get my hands on them. Here in the US you could only get these magazines through specialized news stands and booksellers as there weren't as many nor were they as readily available as they are today. Fast forward 30 years and the Internet has given us an entire fashion library at our finger tips. Ethereal Waif Bridal Style

British magazines had something interesting that Brides and Modern Bride—the only bridal mags available here in the US—did not: they featured a kind of waif/goth/fairytale look of their very own before it became so widespread as a bridal option. This was a look that featured girl-child brides in head wreaths, yards of tulle, lace and voluminous ballgown skirts. Some versions focused on the hippie/boho bridal look, others concentrated on interesting patchwork applications but one thing always rang true, the British had their own style. The Corset Wedding Dress

As of late, another story book element prevalent in British design is the corset. Thanks to David and Elizabeth Emanuel who popularized the corset back in the 80's for private clients like Jane Seymour and Bianca Jagger, we have a wealth of British bridal designers who followed their lead. You've seen these wedding dresses, flaunting an under garment look on top with masses of skirt. The below is by Phillipa Lepley, front runner in the Who Will Design Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress? Albeit, this is one of Lepley's more theatrical pieces done a few years back. Below that is one of her more recent and truer to form pieces. Chic Bridal Head Wear

From picture hats to fascinators, when it comes to bridal head wear the British have always been tops. The UK has a rich history of costume and keeping aspects of it traditional. Their hats have indeed evolved to an art form which constantly reinvents new trends. I’ve wondered why more brides didn’t go all out for hats sooner.

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