Dramatic Bridal Veils, Accessories and Style Inspiration by Johanna Johnson

Posted by Azure on February 23rd, 2011
We constantly strive to show off the very best in all things wedding. But every bride's eye is a bit different, everyone's style is unique. Thanks to the rapidly expanding wedding space, there are now chic wedding day options no matter what your style. Whether you love modern, sleek lines, vintage romance, or high-drama glam, the right bridal adornments are definitely here for the taking!

Today's bridal accessories post is all about drama from eras past. I stumbled upon Johanna Johnson's website... and I was instantly blown away.

Johnson sticks with her Old Hollywood Glam design aesthetic, but incorporates style details from long, long ago. Her 2011 collection was inspired by early medieval jewelry; she loved the idea of being covered in precious gems and fine fabrics from far off lands. Just check out these stunning photos... you'll feel the same. What do you think of these gorgeous accessories? Are you in love?
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