Spring Wedding Ideas: The Ultimate in Topping Off Your Look

Posted by Azure on March 11th, 2011
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This was the scene at Kleinfeld Manhattan for Priscilla Troy last fall when she had a trunk show premiering her magnificent collection of vintage and reproduction parasols. Now that it's spring these chic little props are just waiting to be popped up and admired for all their intricate detailing...

Once upon a time the parasol was considered a necessity in every woman's wardrobe to ward off the sun. By the mid-1800s when they hit their zenith in the Western World, it was at least known then sun prematurely ages skin. A century later we have scientific proof exposure not only ages but can cause melanoma. So our grandmothers had the right idea flaunting beautiful accessories. The parasol is a unique touch to add for the wedding party procession and the perfect gift for bridesmaids. At its most chic it can be the ultimate bridal accessory.

For a closer look at Priscilla Troy's collection you can visit her website where you'll find a whole array of parasols for just about every lifestyle...

And if you love the idea of parasols at your wedding, this featured wedding with vibrant umbrellas is sure to inspire!
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