Why the Long Veil? Bridal Veils 101

Posted by Azure on May 13th, 2011
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In an era of short pouf veils and perky little fascinators... are long veils perchance becoming history? I doubt it. For some traditional brides wearing a veil-the longer the better-- is what being a bride is all about. For Red Carpet Brides especially, the focus has been on long, sweeping veils. Chelsea Clinton wore a long one last July and a couple weeks back, Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge wore a waltz length (although we expected something much longer). For big weddings there's usually the expectation of a long veil. So what defines long? Let's start at the ‘finger tip’ length (most popular) and work all the way down to the twenty-five foot cathedral. Fingertip- Most popular length; can be worn by nearly every figure type with most silhouettes. Two-tier fingertip veil on Etsy. Waltz- Falls anywhere between knee and ankle. Chapel- Considered formal. Extends about a two feet beyond the hemline. Cathedral- Most formal. Extends three feet or more beyond the hem. Double Tier- Two layers, typically the shorter one a blusher but not always. If you're considering a long bridal veil, here are a few quick tips to finding the one: • Pair an ornamental bridal gown with a simple veil, like one layer of tulle with narrow edging or no edging at all. • Lace veils or veils edged with wide borders should be word with an unadorned wedding dress. • Does your dress have exquisite details in back? Then a layer of tulle (preferably a dropped style that doesn’t crease or fold across your back) veil is your best choice. Tulle is your go-to fabric, because it’s transparent enough without being so opaque to fog eye-catching details. • If your gown has no train, wearing a chapel or cathedral length veil can create one—especially elegant when bordered in wide-edged lace or there’s a concentration of lacework on the train portion. How long with your bridal veil be? Will you go long and dramatic or short and sweet? Post a comment to let us know!
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