Wedding Jewelry for Your Bridal Party

Posted by Azure on August 30th, 2011
Finding the perfect bridal party jewels by Michael O’Connor, Jewelry and Style Expert

Your bridesmaids, the gals who’ve been there for you through thick and thin. Wondering how you can thank these incredible women? There is no better gift than jewelry!

The tradition of buying gifts for the bridal party is an ancient one. A long time ago, Egyptian noble women presented precious metals and gems to their ladies-in-waiting. But as a modern bride gifting the bridal party jewelry, the pieces you choose should be as unique and precious as your 'maids. Nearly two-thirds of all brides give jewelry as bridesmaids' gifts, and necklaces and earrings are most common.

As a jewelry expert, I advocate buying platinum pieces for your bridesmaids. Platinum is just like your friendship; it’s rare (30x more rare than gold), pure (generally 95% pure) and will never fade or tarnish over time. Platinum is also more durable than other jewelry metals, holding stones securely in place and withstanding wear and tear.

If you think that platinum is out of reach for your wedding budget, you may be surprised! Many of today’s leading jewelry designers are creating beautiful platinum pieces in a variety of prices . From delicate pendants to diamond stud earrings and hoops, make a beautiful statement with fine jewelry that will last a lifetime! To view additional platinum jewelry styles for your bridal party, visit How will you thank your faithful bridesmaids? Will you consider gifting them precious platinum?

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