Makeup + Fashion = Every Woman’s Dream!

Posted by Azure on April 2nd, 2009
Kali Merrow, of kali make up in NYC, is an amazingly talented makeup artist who picked up a paintbrush at the age of three. She quickly became a skilled and accomplished painter, and after working in Hong Kong in product design, relocated to New York City to pursue her passion of painting. Not long after, Kali made the effortless transition from the canvas to the face.

Today, Kali is an amazing makeup artist, drawing her inspiration from fine art, nature, the hustle and bustle of NYC, film, fashion, photography, etc. When Kali signed up as a vendor on OneWed, I had the pleasure of stumbling across her website, and was blown away! Not only does she know how to make women look beautiful, she combines this beauty with high fashion for an unparalleled match!

Kali understands that every bride wants to look absolutely stunning, flawless and timeless on her wedding day. She works with her engaged clients to create a custom look that will reflect and complement both the style of her wedding and her personal taste.

By now, I’m sure all you New York nearlyweds are chompin’ at the bit to book this unreal makeup artist for your big day. As for the rest of us, Kali offers a few tips to look radiant on your wedding day! Do • Visit your favorite makeup counter to try out different products • Use waterproof mascara • Take a picture to see how the makeup looks on film

• Try a new product too close to the wedding—you don’t want big-day breakouts! • Decide to tweeze your eyebrows by yourself for the first time

Most importantly... take care of yourself! Drink lots of water, eat smart, and get plenty of rest before the big day. And above all, the best way to be a beautiful bride is to smile, smile, smile!

Special thanks to Kali for the tips, and to Nicholas Padron (Brooklyn, NY Fashion Photographer) for the breathtaking photos!

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