Fitness advice for you and your piggy bank

Posted by Azure on May 7th, 2009
We all know how it is: You get so focused on looking your best for a special event - like oh, I don't know, let's say a wedding - that you lose your mind a little bit.
The savvy bride and her money are not soon parted

The savvy bride and her money are not soon parted

You want to fit into that perfect wedding dress so badly that suddenly the all-kumquat diet or The Longshoreman's Workout (On six DVDs. Comes complete with real industrial shipping containers!) sounds like just the thing to get you into your best shape ever.

Before you whip out that debit card, check out Infomercial You'll find a searchable database of consumer complaints about dozens of products, and even the occasional defense.

It's a great resource. Some of the products are just junk, but sometimes the product works fine - it's the billing practices that are bad.

And before you buy any diet or fitness equipment, remember to stay far away from anything that promises you a loss of more than two pounds a week. Odds are it's a scam. If it isn't, you may be losing weight fast enough to damage your kidneys and you'll definitely be losing weight too quickly for your body to maintain your progress.

Check out our Advice section for more sensiblefitnesstips.
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