Summer Advice for Fall Weddings

Posted by Azure on June 30th, 2009
This weekend is the Fourth of July, which of course has me thinking about… fall brides!

That’s right you ladies, relaxing over there in your lounge chairs while the summer brides go nuts putting the finishing touches on everything, I’m talking to you! Did you remember your sunscreen?
Summer Advice for Fall Weddings

Tan lines last much longer than summer, so if you’re wearing a strapless or backless wedding dress, even as late as November, make sure to cover up or apply sunscreen. Thanks to my kids, I recently discovered swim shirts, which feel just like a swimsuit, but give you much better protection than sunscreen alone (go with a long sleeve version to avoid the dreaded farmer's tan). Of course, even if you aren’t going strapless, sunscreen is a good idea.

You should also give some thought to your hair. The chlorine in pools can really do long-lasting damage to your hair, especially if it’s color-treated. Make sure to rinse your hair immediately after getting out of the pool, and if you swim a lot (a great way to get a wedding-perfect upper body), consider using a swimming cap or investing in some chlorine removing shampoo. If your hair isn't color-treated, summer sun is a great way to add natural highlights to your hair, so cover up your skin, but let your hair down.

Finally, according to Shape Magazine, 48% of brides say they’ll exercise to get in better shape for their wedding. If you’re one of them, and you’re taking advantage of the weather to do outdoor workouts, then hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Even if you’re chosen form of exercise is swimming, you need to be drinking extra water.

Stay tuned all week for more 4th of July inspired wedding inspiration. For more fall wedding inspiration, check out Wishpot’s guest post today.
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