Top 10 Hangover Cures For After The Bachelorette Party!

Posted by Azure on July 24th, 2009
How many of you have had a few too many while out one night, and woke up saying "I'll never drink again!"? If I had a dollar for every time I've said that, I'd have a pretty penny saved up by now.
Everything you need to cure a post-bachelorette party hangover

I'll bet that those 4 dreaded words (I'll never drink again) are uttered by the majority of nearlyweds after their bachelor or bachelorette party., the go-to place for right to your doorstep delivery of nearly anything under the sun, offered these Top 10 Hangover Cures: 10) Cucumbers– No doubt the eyes need some major TLC to de-puff… 9) Ice pack– Applying a cold compress works wonders on a throbbing head. 8) Tomato Juice– If you can’t stomach the “hair of the dog” with a Bloody Mary, then tomato juice contains sugar to help break down the alcohol in your stomach. 7) Coffee with Lemon - Lemon juice alleviates nausea and the caffeine helps shrink blood vessels that cause that pounding headache… 6) Crackers with honey– This naturally flushes the system to rid your body of alcohol fast! 5) Peppermints– Kills two birds with one stone by freshening breath and helps stop a churning stomach … 4) Gatorade– Dehydration is a major cause of a hangover; give your system a hydrating boost and replenish electrolytes with your fav flavor… 3) Bananas or better yet, banana milkshake - Bananas helps calm the stomach and the milk soothes the stomach and re-hydrates your system. 2) Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sandwich– The greasier, the better to soak up all those celebratory tequila shots and eggs help re-hydrate… 1) Advil– make it Extra Strength– no explanation needed…

Serving over 65 cities nationwide, will bring all of these hangover cure-alls right to your doorstep!
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