The Best Make-Up Colors For Medium Skin Toned Nearlyweds!

Posted by Azure on November 6th, 2009
Today, a little something for our Medium Skin Toned Ladies! Here are some tips from Michelle Lo Conte of I Do Hair and Make-Up, also owner of Pink Comb Salon!

For those with Medium Skin, you have a lot of pull with the tones you can wear year-round. Your skin tone invites color; therefore your options are endless with the combination of hues that can be worn! Your eyes should be your focus! Fall/winter– Deep golds, ambers and chocolates can be worn as well as grays, violets and deep pinks on the eyes. All of these tones are complimented nicely with purple, black or espresso toned eyeliner. Cheeks will look stunning with mocha and raisin or dark peach tones and lips look great with light reds and mauves, in either a gloss or lipstick form. Make sure the lips do not overpower the eyes! Spring/Summer– Bronze is your best friend during the summer months! Your color spectrum is broad for your eyes– have fun with light and dark golds, shimmery champagnes, and rich browns on the lids, and pair that with a light or dark brown eyeliner. Or, use a dark shimmery brown shadow and line your eyes with that. Cheeks call for bronzer, or stick to pink and gold toned blushes. Medium Skin Toned ladies usually get enough color from sun exposure that you don’t need to go overboard on the face! Lips look fabulous in brownish-pink toned glosses or keep it simple with a tinted lip gloss! So beauties, use the Fall/Winter tips this weekend when you are going out on the town! You'll look fab!

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