Nail Polish Debacle: Coordinating Polish Colors For Your Bridesmaids?

Posted by Azure on April 26th, 2010
On Saturday, I decided to treat myself to a pedicure. I was looking forward to a relaxing time, but the second I walked into the nearly empty salon, I heard it…

Oh.My.Gosh. This is so ugly. Omg, this is hideous! Look at this, do you see this color, this is disgusting, ohmygosh, ohmygosh, do you see this?” The rant continued, with some whimpers and voice cracks thrown in for good measure. As hard as I tried, I could not wrap my mind around what could have gone so far awry in that spa pedicure seat… You would have thought that the pedicurist painted this girl’s toes with green fungus. Not just a green fungus hue, but actual fungus.

Soon, it became abundantly clear what was going on. The girl freaking out was a soon-to-be bridesmaid, and the bride she would be representing was causing all of this drama. The bride asked that each bridesmaid wear a specific nail and toe color, a pale pink hue. Apparently, this pale pink color was the culprit, in all of its hideous, pale girly glory. The bridesmaid did not stop her rant, and in the end, insisted the pedicurist try another color- still pale and pink, but much less heinous in her mind. So, I’ve got to ask… Who’s side are you on? A. The “bridezilla” who insisted her bridesmaids coordinate their nails and toes for the biggest day of her life

Or B. The “bridesmaid-zilla” who cared more about how her pedicure looked, than about going along with the program for her friend’s wedding day? Do you think asking your ‘maids to coordinate their polish colors is crossing the line? Did you, or will you, ask similar things of your ‘maids?Dish it, ladies!
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