Just Say No to Crash Diets and Bad Wedding Contests

Posted by Azure on June 7th, 2010
We love finding ways to help you get things for your wedding for free. We run great contests all the time, and have no trouble turning you on to contests from other sites or companies.
PETA is running this ad showing that you can win a free wedding dress by losing weight.

But I’ve got a problem with this one: PETA is running a contest to win a free sustainably created, cruelty-free wedding dress.

To win, you have to go vegan. OK, that makes sense, PETA supports a vegan diet. I’m a vegetarian myself, I often think I should make the leap and go vegan. If I were getting married the chance to win a free wedding dress might just urge me in that direction.

But here’s the kicker, it’s a weight loss contest! That’s right, whichever bride goes vegan and loses the most weight wins a free dress!

PETA does some great work, but they’re also well-known for “stunts” and for not counting people among the animals it wants treated well.

Here are my problems with this contest:

1) It’s sexist. I don’t see PETA offering grooms (who are more likely to consume more meat than brides) a free tux for losing weight. Apparently, PETA thinks that all women need and want to lose weight for their wedding.

2) It’s irresponsible. You can lose a lot of weight eating a diet that is vegan and is still unhealthy (the grapefruit diet anyone?). Cutting out meat and dairy can of course drastically reduce your caloric intake, but there’s no guarantee that the participants will change their diets in a healthful way. There’s also no guarantee that the people who sign up for the contest actually NEED to lose weight. Will PETA turn away entries where the submitted picture shows a thin person?

3) It’s goofy. I’ve been a vegetarian for over ten years, and trust me there are PLENTY of ways to pack on the calories without eating meat! I’d be perfectly happy eating nothing but guacamole and chips and drinking margaritas for four months, but I don’t think I’d lose any weight doing so!

4) It’s unrealistic. Having people drastically change their diets for four months in order to lose weight is almost definitely going to backfire. If you give up meat to win a contest, you’re going to resent it and probably “cheat” on your diet. How many times have you restricted your diet only to wind up sitting in front of the TV with a pint of ice cream?

It would be much more healthful, and have a longer impact, to encourage people to slowly change their diets and to give them good reasons to do so. By focusing a contest on women’s insecurities about their weight PETA is hitting below the faux-leather belt.

What do you think, is PETA being unfair to the animal known as the bride or is this a great opportunity for someone to make changes in their eating habits? Helpful Links Getting in Wedding Day Shape Great Contests and Deals
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