Four Tips for Perfect Bridal Makeup

Posted by Azure on June 9th, 2010
Special to OneWed from makeup artist Sally Streets
This beautiful African-American bride has chosen a dramatic wedding day look for her wedding day mak

Over my years of dolling up countless beauties for their wedding day, I’ve found that when it comes to makeup very few have a clear idea of what they want. What they do know they want is for it to be special and magnificent without being customey or too heavy.

Because within those specifications there are so many makeup possibilities, here are some guidelines to help every bride figure out their perfect look to take to a makeup artist or plan for themselves. These are the four factors I review with each of my brides while helping them determine the perfect look.

1) What’s your style and what are you attracted to? Go through lots of magazines looking only at makeup to get an idea of what you like. Tear those pictures out. Figure out what exactly it is that you like about the makeup. Is it that each picture has a vintage look, nude lips, or very long eyelashes?

2) Consider the over-all look or "feel" of your dress and hair. Is it sexy, princess-inspired, flirty, or casual? You may love a dark, smoky look on eyes but have to consider whether that look will fit your tea-length beachy slip dress.

3) Consider the time of your pictures, ceremony and reception. What kind of lighting will you be dealing with? For warm light like a sunset you should also use warm makeup colors so as not to be washed out by the neutralizing effect of cool colors. If your pictures are in daylight but your ceremony and reception are in the evening, you’ll want a transitional look as opposed to a very contoured "evening" look.

4) What is your color scheme? If you love color, a hint of the shades involved in your flowers and décor will flatter you most because the entire environment will combine to frame your beauty.

With those four factors considered, you’ll be sure to choose a makeup look that is perfect for you and your special day! Helpful Links More Beauty Tips Great Deals on Makeup from Sephora Great Deals on Makeup from Find a Local Makeup Artist Wedding Day Makeup Guide for the Bride to Be!
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