The Man Registry: Top 3 Things The Groom Must Remember For The Wedding Day

Posted by Azure on July 7th, 2010
About The Man Registry 3 Things a Groom Shouldn’t Forget on the Big Day

There’s a lot to remember on your wedding day. I’ll spare you some of the more boring details and just focus on the three things that are going to help get you through the day in one piece and on your feet. Wake up on time!

Whether you’re staying at home, your parents’ place or a hotel, set two alarms! You should also put the Best Man in charge of calling you to triple check that you’re up. Be sure to leave enough time to take a shower and do any wedding day grooming that you need to. Even if you’re not hungry, eat

This starts with breakfast. Before you leave the house, eat a good breakfast. Stop me if you’ve heard this one, but wedding days are hectic and it may be awhile until you get another chance to eat a meal before dinner at the wedding reception. It’s also a good idea to have some sort of food on hand throughout the day as well (another good thing for the Best Man to keep track of). This food probably won’t be a meal, but rather get some protein bars or small snacks to get you through the day. You should be trying to eat whenever you get a chance throughout the day (especially if you plan on having drinks at the reception). Keep yourself hydrated

First off - if you plan on boozing before the ceremony, you’re taking matters into your own hands (this goes for your groomsmen, too).

What you should be drinking beforehand is Gatorade or another “power” drink.” These drinks will put nutrients back into your body as you’re sure to be exhausted from the long day. Stay away from traditional energy drinks. If you do need an extra “shot,” go for the 5-Hour Energy. They don’t taste great, but you also won’t crash at the end like you will with Red Bull or Monster. Do you have faith that your Groom follow these 3 crucial tips on your big day? Is it the groomsmen you're worried about? Dish it!
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