Wedding Season Prep: 5 Steps to a Sun-Kissed Tan

Posted by Azure on May 4th, 2011
Bride, bridesmaid or guest, chances are you'll be attending a wedding in the next couple of months. And there's nothing worse than putting on that wedding dress, bridesmaid gown or cocktail frock and feeling pale and washed out.

A golden glow puts an instant spring in my step, but I'm unwilling to ruin my skin (or risk skin cancer) with tanning beds. Sunless tanning is the way to go and if you follow these tips, you'll be a bronze bombshell in no time! Step 1. Shave (or wax) before applying lotion, cream or getting airbrushed. If you're waxing, leave a 2-3 day window between wax and tan. But no window is required if you shave. Don't forget the moisturizing shave cream! Step 2. Exfoliate in the shower to remove rough, dry skin. Pay special attention to your elbows, knees and ankles to ensure your tan goes on smooth and even. Step 3. Prep rough areas (elbows, knees, ankles) with a light moisturizer to avoid an uneven tan. You want your skin to be a silky, smooth blank canvas before applying any self-tanner. Step 4. Apply tanning lotion or tint to the larger, more supple areas of your body (thighs, forearms) and blend from there. Clarins self-tanning expert Nicole Landon recommends using long, straight blending motions (as rubbing in a circular motion can cause streaking). Step 5. Hydrate skin and add an extra glow by applying body oil once the self-tanner has dried. Products We Love: The Art of Shaving from, Fresh Sugar Face Polish from, Self Tanning Instant Gel and Liquid Bronze Self Tanning For Face and Décolleté from Clarins, SunLove Spray Tanner, Lorac SelfTANtalizer Body Bronzing Gradual Self-Tanner & Mitt from, Bobbi Brown Beach body oil.
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