Depth of Focus: A Wedding Film from My Point of View

Posted by Azure on February 25th, 2009
Special feature from Nathan Maulorico of Unknown Films Depth of focus: The range of image distances corresponding to the range of object distances.

Depth of focus is an important part in what>filmmakers and videographers do. Without depth of focus, it would be impossible to place objects or people where you want them in the frame. It would be impossible to make your vision clear to the viewer.

There’s also another type of depth of focus, the type filmmakers must have inside themselves in order to truly capture an event and create a story. For an artist, the real “focus” becomes what is happening around them, and the real “depth” is how much they become a part of what is happening.

When is comes to a live event such as a wedding, real understanding of the emotions and events of the day plays a crucial role in the outcome of the film.

A wedding has effects that last a lifetime, and to have the honor of filming that event for a bride and groom is a privilege. It’s also my responsibility to make a new memory for someone. When I meet a bride and groom for the first time, I make an honest attempt to get to know them. My goal is to create a film that I think really represents them, together.

The camera I use is not just for seeing what’s in the frame; it’s a tool for seeing into real people. I must have true focus in order to extract the images I see and reconstruct them into the film that they will have to always remember the day.

Depth of focus, in the end, is what really sets some videographers apart. One may be hired to shoot your wedding, and another may be hired to create a work of art. Every day I dream of another way to make my own art blend with what my clients hire me to do. I make a promise to myself and to my wedding clients that I will make every film art, and not just a video, because it includes a part of me in it. This is an excerpt of Nathan Maulorico’s article. You can read the>full version in our>Honest Answers from the Experts section.

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