The Man Registry: What in the World is a “Man Shower?”

Posted by Azure on March 5th, 2009
About The Man Registry

One of the hottest trends in the wedding industry is the growing popularity of man showers. Sounds funny right? It did to us too. But, as funny as “man shower” sounds – trust us grooms, this is something you’re going to want to be aware of.

Surely, you’re aware of the traditional bridal showers that your fiancé gets so excited about. You know, the ones that involve lots of giggling women, wedding talk and a plethora of kitchen, bathroom and bedroom gifts. You may have even planned a couples shower which includes both the bride, the groom, and your mutual friend. However, a man shower is totally different. A man shower is a bridal shower on steroids where you can expect to find grilling, man-gifts, and plenty of testosterone. Man shower 101

The man shower is a gathering of your guy friends in honor of your impending nuptials. This event often accompanies the bachelor party as a day-time event where gifts are exchanged and food such as hot wings and fried foods are consumed. Weddings are evolving and the groom is becoming more and more involved in the planning and festivities, thus making this type of even relevant. Keep in mind that the man shower is a very casual event. There’s really only one set rule to abide by: No women allowed! Gifts?

Most grooms are registered for at least a few manly wedding gifts at A man shower is the perfect opportunity to grab some of the gifts that you care about! Why not? The bride usually has several showers and brings home car loads of gifts, so why can’t the guy have one measly man shower? Who gets the invite?

There’s no set standard on the guest list here. Of course, you’ll want to include your close friends. It’s always nice to include male family members and anyone who’s involved with the wedding in any way. Again, keep this list reserved to just the guys. If you have any younger family members that normally wouldn’t be invited to the bachelor party – including them in a more tame man shower event is a great way to get them involved. Does this event have to take place at one location?

A man showers can be held just about anywhere. You can hold them at your home or at the home of the best man or a groomsman. You can also turn the man shower into an all-day outing by holding the event at another location or doing some sort of activity. Possible ideas are: • Sporting event of your favorite team • Local brewery tour • Golfing outing • Poker night

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