Bridal Shower Games: Think outside the Toilet Paper Roll

Posted by Azure on March 13th, 2009
As you may have noticed, I’ve been thinking about> bridal showers lately. Maybe it’s because I recently co-hosted a baby shower. Much to my chagrin, the other hostesses insisted on a game involving adult men, diapers, and baby bottles filled with beer.
Toilet Paper Bride

Toilet Paper Bride
Luckily, the canapés needed restocking at just that moment. I don’t like games. I’m not a good sport. If anyone had come near me with a roll of toilet paper at my bridal shower I would have run screaming from the room.

But, I also know that some bridal showers can get a little stuck. They’re multi-generational events, sometimes with people who don’t necessarily know each other that well. Ice-breaker games can be helpful in this situation.

My favorite is a getting-to-know-you version of BINGO.

Here’s what you do:

Come up with a list of statements related to love, romance, or marriage.

For example: “I had my first kiss before the age of 6.”“I’ve been married more than once.”“I’ve never been married. “

OR, if you’ve got a slightly more saucy bunch: “I’ve had sex in a public place.”“I lost my virginity in my parents’ house.”“I was in college before I had sex.”

You need as many statements as you have guests, or if you don't know the guests that well, give yourself a little wiggle room by having fewer boxes than guests. Then, make a box like the one below.

The point of the game is for everyone to talk to everyone else. So, when you find a person who fits one of the statements, she signs that box. Each person can only sign your card once. The first person to get all their boxes signed, wins.

So, are you pro-game or anti-game?

Sample Bingo Card

Sample Bingo Card
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