Bridesmaids’ Luncheon: Giving Back to the Girls Who Give to You

Posted by Azure on March 25th, 2009
It’s an occupational hazard that I look at almost everything in terms of weddings! A friend was showing me these dishes at> Rosanna Inc the other day and I said “They would be perfect for a bridesmaid’s luncheon.” She had zero idea what I was talking about.

So, if you’re similarly baffled, here’s the scoop:

A bridesmaid’s lunch is a> bridal shower in reverse. You take your bridesmaids (and any other important women in the wedding party) out to a nice old-fashioned ladies’ lunch. This is the time to thank them for all their help, and hand out your bridesmaids’ gifts. It’s best to do it a few days before the wedding, so that you can involve any out of town attendants, but if everyone is local you could do it as much as a week or two ahead of time.

Now, it doesn’t actually have to be lunch, and it doesn’t actually have to be “out.” Inviting everyone over for pizza or cake or martinis are all perfectly fine (and may give you an excuse to bring out the new barware or dishes you’ve gotten as shower presents). The important thing is that this is something you’re doing for the women who have done so much for you!

So brides, what do you think? Will you be having a bridesmaids’ luncheon? Will it be lunch? Dessert? Or something totally different?
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