The Man Registry: The Bachelor(ette) Party Buffer Zone

Posted by Azure on July 14th, 2010
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My dad is always telling me stories about how all of his friends held their bachelor parties on the night before the wedding. He called it a “tradition” and “how things used to be done.” I, for one, call BS on this. I think that stuff only happens in TV and movies. I don’t know too many brides that would approve of the stag night taking place after the rehearsal dinner.

However, it does bring up logical question –when should the bachelor(ette) party be held? Generally, the rule of thumb is holding the party a minimum of a week in advance. I like to advise grooms and groomsmen to plan the event around a month out from the wedding. The final week leading up to the wedding is a stressful time, and you can’t risk having a multiple-day hangover interfering with the crucial planning period.

Oh, and if you do happen to be holding the party the night before the wedding, be sure to keep a hangover pill, like Drinkwel, on hand. We want to hear from you. When should the bachelor(ette) party be held? Have you ever been part of a bachelor(ette) party held the night before the wedding?
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