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Posted by Azure on July 20th, 2010
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Who is required to be invited to your bridal shower? Will you have numerous bridal showers and separate your friends from family, or possibly keep your family and your husband's family separate? Recently I have seen a large range of differences in how brides are handling their showers. I have even seen brides who choose not to participate in the bridal shower and opt into having a couples' shower instead. Whether it is your engagement party, bridal shower, a couples shower or bachelorette party - I guarantee your guests will get the option to celebrate along side you!

One option is to keep your bridal shower intimate with only 15 of your closest women coming to the wedding. You will be able to interact with everyone there on a more personalized level and the activities can be more specific since you will probably know each other better. You will have more options of where to hold the event since a small amount of people can fit in more venues, including possibly your house or a private room at a nearby restaurant.

Another option is you don't limit the women who you invite, and if they are coming to the wedding they can be invited to the shower. No one will feel left out and you will definitely receive more gifts with more people. Your games may have to be more generic and geared towards larger groups but you will have the party vibe going with so many people. As the bride, you will have to work harder to make sure to get around to talk to everyone, but the saying has always been the more the merrier smile

Some brides would prefer the smaller intimate setting, but can't avoid their two large families with numerous women on each side wanting to attend. This is when the multiple bridal showers may come in handy so instead of bringing everyone together for a busy day - they break it into two events and even out the guest list to allow for two manageable and equally fabulous bridal showers! Who made it on your invite list for your bridal shower? Dish it, ladies!

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