The Real Reason You Get Married

Posted by Azure on April 1st, 2009
I know that you’re getting married because you really, truly love each other. I know your wedding is about commitment and family. But you know what, you can have all that by going down to City Hall. So, let’s be honest, we all know why you’re planning this wedding: THE GIFTS!

If you want to get the loot you deserve, follow these simple tips:
The Real Reason You Get Married

1) Tell people where you’re registered. I know, “etiquette” says this is a no-no, but really how else are people supposed to know what you want?

2) When you’re telling people your registry info, feel free to throw in the fact that money is also acceptable. Why put people through the trouble of buying you a gift, when you can get what you really want for yourself?

3) Don’t bother registering for piddly little things. Register for the big things. Remember, think big, get big!

4) After the wedding, make sure to let those people who “forgot” to give you a gift to let you know they have a full year to fix their mistake.

5) Oh, you will need to write thank you notes, but don’t worry, you have a year after your wedding to write them, and if it gets to be too much work, an email or phone call is fine, too.

6) Finally, think about your guest list. A wedding is no place to socialize, so instead of focusing on your nearest and dearest, think of who in your family and circle has the most money.

So, brides, what tips do you have for registering? Oh and before you respond, don’t forget to check the date at the top of this scoop.
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